by Sleepy Soul

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Sleepy time songs


released January 30, 2015

Written, recorded, and mixed by Brady Heinsoo

Mastered by Hakeem Hashash



all rights reserved


Sleepy Soul Oregon City, Oregon

One man band currently residing in Eugene, Oregon.

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Track Name: Crevasses
There's not a single scar upon my chest
There are a thousand holes inside my head

Dark and deep are all these crevasses
I'll take a peek if my eyes won't get wet

Falling down while feeling high
Unacquainted with my mind

nice to meet you
Track Name: Far Out
What are you teaching me

Leaves fall off the family tree


The world gets smaller
Maybe larger
Scared of losing sight of me

We're under water
Im always farther
Farther than I want to be

We all swim to some island

Track Name: Fish Tank
Born without asking
How could I give permission to a stork?
If you ask me I'd rather be asleep some more

Nobody really knows what they are in here for
Dropped into a swimming pool, splashing hard until our legs are sore

Bored with everything
Belly up in such a mundane tank
Everybody stares and taps to see my face

I'm ready for the glass to break for me
The water carrying me to a place so far away they won't remember me
Track Name: Ghosts
Why'd I come over
You all look really cool
Walls on my shoulder
I'm such a fool

I hear what you told her
But I won't talk over you
Even though I'm older
Even though I've had a few

I'm a ghost

We move out the doorway
Into the cold outdoors
Complain bout the weather
But I don't say anymore

Cool conversations
Happening around me
They feel like abrasions
Never go very deep

We're all ghosts
Track Name: Lovesicle
Lying prone upon the pavement
10 below without a blanket
Her last embrace could keep me warm for hours

Now my love is moving away
That's why I can't get it up from this place
I couldn't budge for snow or storms or showers

I love you

Now my fingers have turned purple
My brains still going in circles
Smiling hypothermia begins

I still smell your scent on my clothes
It seems my arms are now icicles
I guess I'll be frozen in love for years

I love you
Track Name: Land-Locked
Not a rebel but I've got no cause
Kickin' pebbles that don't effect this pond

I see your ripples you know I'm envious
But I'm a cripple
Suppose I'll take a seat and cheer you on

Dreams won't be my reality

Ships have sailed, I'm staying on this dock
Stormy gales
can't tear me away from solid rock

Dreams won't be my reality
Track Name: Slow Dive
Slow dive
Don't die
You're fine
No really

Bright lights
He's nice
Her eyes
So pretty

Fall in
That pit
That feeling

Feel it
Creep In
Stop it
You're silly

My mind flies
Time slips by
Track Name: Stars
Out beyond the city's lights
Make a bed of the hillside

Stare at the celestial sky
Enveloping your sight and mind

Could I fall upwards forever?
Past the edge of the heavens?

Little planet spinning round
Why must we fall only down?

Sweet escape above the ground
Lungs might burst but here we only drown

Could I fall upwards forever?
Past the edge of the heavens?
Track Name: Lullaby
Fragile, this side up
Frail little heart and lungs
One fall, then we're done
Others have to clean us up

Babies and grown ups
Everybody takes the plunge
Bucket lists, never done
Maybe we all sleep too much

Thanks for the mortality

Shut eyes, opened up
Watch life drain just like your blood
Don't keep them, shut too much
You'll feel like you missed the bus

Swimming in a half full cup
Maybe I just think too much
I'm still just a little pup
Could be I don't think enough

Thanks for the mortality

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
if I die before I wake
I'm not sure if I'll go or stay

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the reaper won't reap me
if I die before I wake
I guess I hope I fade away